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ARCHIVE - kittens our previous litters

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Breeder: Zhanna Andreeva

City: Kazan, Russia


SKYPE: orientalcats
Phone: +7 987 236 17 58

To write the letter


+7 909 306 38 23



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Клуб любителей кошек АК БАРС г. Казань  

Other litters you can see in archive, just click on "in detail..."

The status of a kitten: reserved ( for a kitten the deposit is brought ), available ( the kitten is offered for sale ), sold ( the kitten is sold ), remains in cattery ( the kitten is left in breeding ). We take the deposit for reservation of a kitten ( 30 % from his cost ).

deposits: reserving a kitten requires a deposit. If you have reserved a kitten and you change your mind about taking the kitten, you will lose your deposit. If because of unforeseen circumstances I cannot give you the kitten, your deposit will be refunded.

For viewing of photos in the full size it is necessary to click with the left button of a mouse on a small photo.

We never decorate our cats on a photo by means of computer technologies: we do not correct lacks of the our cats, we do not draw our cats huge ears and so forth. In photos our cats such - what they are in life. At occurrence of any questions at purchase of a kitten on a photo we are always ready to give source codes of photos, or video with an interesting kitten. Therefore we guarantee that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised and disappointed by our kitten when he to you will arrive.

"North Star" kittens are raised with all the love, consideration and care possible from the day they are born.

To me, health, temperament and looks are all equally important and I strive to breed for these qualities.

Kittens are generally ready to go to their new homes around four months of age, a perfect time for them to adjust to new families without undue stress on their immune systems and yet, young enough for their new families to enjoy that adorable kitten phase.

Kittens come with a health guarantee and all necessary vaccinations. It is recommended that kittens be taken to the veterinarian for a well-kitten exam within the first 72 hours.

Please contact me for additional information. I would also like to know about you and your other pets, where and how you live, details that will let me know if yours is a good home and good fit for our kittens, and vice versa.

Show kittens or cats available occasionally and very selectively to thoroughly screened individuals.

Contract Terms:
If kittens not for breeding then are sold either already spayed (neutered) or with a spay (neutered) agreement.
Kittens or cats may not be de-clawed as this is a mutilation, our kittens are easily trained to use appropriate scratching posts.
Kittens must be indoor-only for their safety and welfare.

ARCHIVE - kittens our previous litters »

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Owner - Andreeva Zhanna, Kazan city
+7 ( 987 ) 236 17 58; +7 ( 909 ) 306 38 23 mail: •Homepage facebook.. •Homepage vkontakte..
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